Charlie in Underworld tells a darker story than Underworld Office

Charlie in Underworld is available on iOS and Android. There is a lot of text with pictures.

Charlie in Underworld is a free project on smartphones and a sequel to Underworld Office. The game has the same characters, but they've grown up. Also, the plot is darker here, with one of the characters — Charlie — loosing his memory and turning all white. The project has this text-based nature, like you're chatting with other people via a messenger, but the overall style and pictures will not make you bored even if you're not a fan of this genre.

Charlie in Underworld has two versions — free and premium. The first one has some tickets that you might use for the best answers or rewinding some situations. In the beginning, you only get 10 tickets, with more for watching ads, doing tasks in other games or apps, and simply buying them with your money.

Charlie in Underworld might not be a game of the year, but it's a perfect project for indie fans. Bugg Studio — the creators of this project — say that one of their influences was Undertale. They even put the game in one line.

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Charlie in Underworld

Released on Jul 12, 2022
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