CCG Code Xeno went into soft-launch on iOS and Android

Code Xeno has easy gameplay like in RAID: Shadow Legends. You can try it now.

Code Xeno is a card game for both iOS and Android. You need to assemble a team of 5 heroes and fight against demons or dragons. As you fight, the ultimate meter fills in, letting you unleash the full power on enemies. The game has graphics like in Dislyte and gameplay like in RAID: Shadow Legends.

Because Code Xeno is a mobile project, there are many ways you can automate gameplay, relax, and manage inventory or upgrade characters. It's better to watch after the synergy of your group, especially for the elements your characters belong to; there are 5 of them. The devs promise an epic storyline, simple gameplay, but deep strategy elements.

You can pull new heroes in Code Xeno via gacha, they differ in rarity, so be ready to spend time and money on pulls. It's great you can get more materials out of idle farming, meaning there's no stress and rush. There's no information on the global release, but you can play the Asian version, it has English language.

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IOS, Android

Code Xeno

Will be released in 2022