CarX Street won't be out on Android in September

Carx Street might be released via Google Play in October. Well, the PC version is already postponed to December.


Carx Street is a cross-platform game with real-time multiplayer and console-level graphics. Some gamers were waiting for the release of the Android version, which should have come out on September 8th. Well, not anymore — some news sites say that it's now been postponed to October. There is no exact date, as developers are not yet sure.

Another bad thing is that are no system requirements on Android. Maybe it's because there are so many phones, it's impossible to test the game on all of them or to optimize it both for premium and budget devices. A good thing — CarX Street will be F2P on Android, like the iOS version.

After the Android version of CarX Street is released, iOS gamers won't lose their progress. It might bring disbalance, because there is already real-time multiplayer with no scheduled server separation. The feature has been added to App Store on August 26th.

Some CarX Street respect the devs' choice, saying it's better to have a game with no bugs, than another Cyberpunk 2077.
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CarX Street

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