Cartoon anime game Alchemy Quest is available in SEA

You can download and play Alchemy Quest on Android. It's CBT, so the time is limited.

Alchemy Quest is an RPG with isometric gameplay and various modes. Auto-battles will be replaced with interesting puzzles where you have to dodge squirrels and big boulders. As for the story, it's being told via text dialogues, although they are not voiced. And if you want to always win during battles, you need a perfect team placement. There can be maximum of 5 characters that are split into different levels and elements.

As for hero development in Alchemy Quest, this is done by just 1 tap. During these moments, you can look at the gorgeous 2D models. You will have to gather around 60 heroes with different roles, but voiced by famous Japanese actors.

Alchemy Quest promises creative mechanics, like innovative puzzles boards with unique elements. These require a lot of strategy as there will be spikes, bombs, and other traps. Also, the game has engaging PvP and PvE combat. For example, you can fight other players via 1v1 fights.

Codes for Alchemy Quest

  • AQ888;
  • 888888.

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Alchemy Quest

Will be released in 2022
2 days ago

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