Card game Hero Realms came out on smartphones

Hero Realms looks and place like Magic: The Gathering. But there are interesting features.

Hero Realms is a cross-platform CCG for smartphones and PC. It has a nice and voiced tutorial that is necessary even for those who consider themselves masters of card games. The thing is that you spend gold on summoning cards, after every turn you get 5 new ones in your hand. Some cards add Battle Points every turn until they are stunned by the enemy. And, of course, some cards are like guardians that protect your hero.

As for the disadvantages of Hero Realms, the average match can last for 8 or more minutes and in the beginning you have to face bots instead of real players. The graphics and overall setting can remind you of Magic: The Gathering Arena. Apart from that, be ready to buy a base set that unlocks hard AI difficulty level, Cleric, Ranger and Thief characters, and increases your characters to level 12. There's also an entire story campaign and even coop missions.

In the free version of Hero Realms, you can play first 3 missions, one coop mission and choose between 2 classes — Fighter and Wizard. The game looks nice, so give it a try if you're a CCG fan.

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IOS, Android

Hero Realms

Released on Jun 8, 2022
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