Card Crawl Adventure makes for a hard mobile game with Solitaire mechanics

Card Crawl Adventure is available on iOS and Android. If you like roguelike card games, this is the perfect match.

Card Crawl Adventure is a mobile game where you fight bosses in different taverns. You do this with the help of cards, not with your fists or weapons, of course. Before starting your roguelike journey, you need to choose a hero. In the beginning, there's only one available — a rogue. Another interesting feature of this game is that the rules of the house can be changed drastically, giving you a fresh experience.

Card Crawl Adventure sees you playing 9 cards at a time, matching them together for combos or devastating blows. Some cards are spells, some of them are monsters. Unfortunately, there's no tutorial, which makes it hard to grasp the rules even for fans of such games as Meteorfall Journey.

Despite the difficulties in understanding the rules of Card Crawl Adventure, the developers promise new and random adventures every week. Players can compete in those with each other (we don't think it's a PvP mode, rather more of a leaderboard score).

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IOS, Android

Card Crawl Adventure

Released on Aug 4, 2022
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