Call of Dragons has some Warcraft III vibes and it's not a joke

Mobile game Call of Dragons can be played on Android in the Philippines. You need to build your Kingdom.

Call of Dragons is a strategy game on smartphones that came out in Asian Google Play. Judging by the provided video, you can only start playing as an elf, although you might choose more races when, for example, pulling a hero. The game has some beautiful graphics, excellent voice-overs, and overall nice music compositions.

The fights in Call of Dragons are done via auto-mode, where 2 heroes fight each other on a world map. As it's a mobile project, you need to follow the tutorial and do what you're told. For example, you can send your troops to explore nearby lands or just focus on your Kingdom and build out beautiful structures.

Call of Dragons is a geo-strategy, so you might think in advance about your friends and nearby castles of other players. This is due to the heavy emphasis on multiplayer and PvP. More advanced gamers can join or create a guild to participate in massive battles. Players can expect 3 factions with unique races and natural wonders, scattered around the world map.

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Call of Dragons

Will be released in 2022
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