Broken Ranks Mobile will have beta tests in 2023

Broken Ranks devs have released their roadmap for next year. Players on all platforms will see a lot of content.

Broken Ranks is an interesting MMORPG from Polish developers. In the latest official post, they've uncovered their plans for 2023. Players should expect more quests and dungeons for mid and high levels. They can change difficulty level of instances to suit their play style. In the 4th Quarter 2022, they will get pet skins, new side quests, and changes to the PvP system.

2023 will start big for Broken Ranks — new side quests, recurring events, pet skins, and fixes. In the beginning of next year, players will receive new area, Thalia, new level 60-80 instances, and epic equipment. Later that year, Broken Ranks will have multilanguage servers and guild rework.

The most interesting part of Broken Ranks for mobile players will be around March and April — this is when a few of tests for smartphones start. But it's not all, because players ought to expect maps of underground, guild wars, daily activities, and party quests. Subscribe to learn more when the time comes.

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Broken Ranks

Will be released in 2023
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