BraveNine Story is a visual novel with a bad English

BraveNine Story came out on Android in a few countries. You will lead a group of mercenaries and watch them interact with each other.

BraveNine Story is a mobile RPG with a big emphasis on text dialogues between characters. Although the game has an English localization, it's bad and native speakers will most certainly notice grammar mistakes. Nonetheless, the developers tried their best on the soundtrack and background scenes.

Your goal in BraveNine Story is to help locals and gather a team of random heroes. They are split into different classes and rarity levels. It's cool that during dialogues, you can watch the 2D models of your mercenaries interact with each other, uncovering their personalities. This makes for a good reason to spend your in-game money on the gacha system.

The story in BraveNine Story is split into chapters and missions where you can get a maximum of 3 stars, with additional materials and equipment. It should be noted that the story line is split into 4 different difficulty settings. And although the battles are automatic, you still need to strategically place your units.

As for other modes in BraveNine Story, there is a PvP arena with limited events. And, of course, you spend ink on "writing" stories for your characters. This is an alternative to the energy system other mobile games have.

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BraveNine Story

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