Boom Beach: Frontlines lets you play in many new countries with an update

Boom Beach: Frontlines has seen many patches since it was soft-launched. Now there are more countries that can participate in the military mayhem.

Boom Beach: Frontlines is a multiplayer with the devs, Space Ape, working closely with Supercell. Right now, the game can be played in Poland, Czechia, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, and UAE. The best part is that Boom Beach: Frontlines is available on both iOS and Android.

This game supports 60 FPS and a new hero, Laser Ranger. You can unlock him by upgrading the battle pass. But rather than playing as one character, the developers brought in some incentive to choose others as well. For example, when you die as, let's say, a sniper, there are 2 options — to wait until the cooldown is over or select 1 out of 4 others heroes. This is a smart decision to make players learn other characters and diversify the gameplay.

Of course, one of the main modes in Boom Beach: Frontlines is about capturing and holding 2 points. During the battles, you might complete some missions to receive materials and XP for character upgrade (yes, all of them have different levels).

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Boom Beach: Frontlines

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