Beta version of Madtale: Idle RPG offers a promo code with prizes

An early version of Madtale: Idle RPG appeared on Android. You can test it in the next 3 days.

Madtale: Idle RPG is an arcade RPG that invites all the Android testers. The plot tells a story about the Red Riding Hood, but instead of cartoon and childish locations, you get a dark world because the game is made in a fractured fairy tale style. The gameplay is interesting — your screen is split into two parts, the upper one shows your location on the world map, the second one shows your group fighting with monsters. This might remind you of Nintendo 3DS era.

Beta testing of Madtale: Idle RPG will end on June 24th, so you only have 3 days. Players on iOS can use an Android emulator with OpenGL engine. As for the system requirements, you only need Android 6.0 or higher. The devs promise 5 unique classes with different perks like bloodsucking, healing, and so on.

Madtale: Idle RPG boasts stunning visual effects and nice-looking graphics. Your goal is to build an ultimate fairy tale team and step into the MMO-like world. Because this is a mobile project, you won't need to give it a lot of attention — the characters can fight AFK.

Promo code for Madtale: Idle RPG

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