Backrooms Anomaly is based on Internet creepypasta Backrooms

Backrooms Anomaly is available on iOS and Android. You will explore big locations from a first-person perspective and run from monsters.

Backrooms Anomaly is a mobile horror where you might be stuck inside the head of the main character. He or she might have entered a nightmare and doesn't know how to get out. Players will collect objects and use them later to solve puzzles. This all looks like a quiet nod to the movies The Ring.

Actually, Backrooms Anomaly is based on an Internet rumor called The Backrooms. It describes people noclipping through walls and floors, this is how they get to Backrooms. It's actually an endless maze of random locations with monsters inside.

The devs of Backrooms Anomaly promise a few levels of difficulty and Sanity system. It works like in Amnesia: The Dark Descent — you slowly walk around dark areas and lose your mind, you don't even need monsters for that. The game supports 60 FPS and doesn't contain ads or in-game purchases, if any. Your only trust-worthy friend will be a flashlight with batteries to it. Will you make it out safe and sound? The only thing we know for sure is if you hear someone walking there, this thing also hears you.

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IOS, Android

Backrooms Anomaly

Released on Jun 16, 2022
2 days ago

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