Armor Stride — a runner with turn-based mechanics

Armor Stride came out on iOS and Android. You're a knight who needs to escape the forest.


Armor Stride is a mobile runner that is available on smartphones. It has a vertical gameplay with nice touch controls, involving only one finger. You play as the Sir Stepsalot, who happens to be in a Cursed Forest that wants to eat him. Your goal is to help the noble knight by sending him forward and dodging arrows or traps.

One thing that makes Armor Stride stand out from the crowd of runners, is that you can only move one step at a time, although all the actions happens in real time. If you want to survive for longer, you need to collect apples to restore health and coins to spend them on buffs in a store. If you die, it's all over again, without ladders or clans.

The only feature you can buy in Armor Stride is to remove ads. There's not much else to do if you don't like these kinds of games. A good thing is that Armor Stride has a small size.

The developers of Armor Stride promise an original chiptune and even a controller support, at least for the iOS version of the game.

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IOS, Android

Armor Stride

Released on Aug 29, 2022
2 days ago

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