Arena Breakout has an exact release date in China

Publisher Tencent Mobile will launch Arena Breakout in the mid of July.

Arena Breakout is one of the best looter shooters on smartphones. For now, the game will be launched in China, but we do hope for the global release. The game has much more potential, than Lost Light from NetEase, in terms of hardcore gameplay mechanics and graphics. It's not Call of Duty, son, so you can be killed with a few bullets even after getting the best armor.

The information about the release date of Arena Breakout is official and was published by Tencent via Chinese markets. The game will be out on iOS and Android on July 12th. Follow us to know how to install it if you live in another country.

One of the disadvantages of Arena Breakout is the stash where you keep all your loot. The thing is that it's limited for F2P gamers, and even those who want to pay will get additional slots, but for a limited time. Do you want to get all the shiny loot you have? Then pay. Moreover, you will certainly need to register in WeChat or QQ to install and play the game. Make sure to download VPN, too.

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IOS, Android

Arena Breakout

Will be released in 2022