Arena Battle Champions enters soft launch in the West

Square Enix has launched Arena Battle Champions in Canada and the US on iOS and Android. This is something MOBA, but for more casual players

Arena Battle Champions is a mobile action with isometric camera and real-time battles in the 3v3 format. Gamers can participate in the soft launch in the West. Firstly, they finish a brief tutorial on basic mechanics. Secondly, players take part in online matches. The battles are on small arenas with only 1 path, unlike full-fledged PC MOBAs like DOTA 2.

In Arena Battle Champions, your goal is to destroy the enemies' tower. It's not as powerful as in other titles, so you might stand in front of it for as long as you want, even enemy heroes won't be able to take you down in one go. It might mean that during first matches you play against or even with bots.

Arena Battle Champions has a vertical gameplay, so there are only 2 buttons — for moving and a special ability. It means your character fights automatically when near a target. Of course, the devs have added a free and premium battle passes. Moreover, if you want to get more characters, you should always win and level up your account.

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Arena Battle Champions

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