Archeland is on the same level as Reverse 1999

Archeland has received a new trailer. Players should wait for the CBT.

Archeland is a mobile game that will be out on iOS and Android. The developers call it a SRPG, which heavily relies on tactics. Well, the new trailer says it all — the game is on the same level is Reverse 1999 and Zenless Zone Zero. The video is spot on in terms of action, graphics, and voice-overs.

Archeland boasts 3D graphics with turn-based fights in 1v1 format. If you want to try this game, you need to register for the CBT via the official website. You can pre-register there, and you might need to enter your phone number. It should be noted that there is a deadline for the sign-up — no later than October 7th. The beta servers will start on October 12th.

Judging by the new trailer and description of Archeland, the game tells a story of war between men and gods. We expect that players will need to upgrade characters at least until 60th level. The game only has Korean language, so we think it will release in South Korea first, then come to the global market. This is a must for Reverse 1999 fans.

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IOS, Android


Will be released in 2023
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