Arcade game RoomZ will let you build a base and fight zombies

Publisher MiSu Games has released RoomZ on Android. To survive, you will have to fight undead and collect materials from mysterious locations.

RoomZ is a mobile project, which is now available on Google Play; there is no info about iOS version. The gameplay is simple — we need to build a base, making improvements inside it. This, in turn, will let us farm materials and open new opportunities. To make it simpler, the devs added some quests around your base. They are simple: fix the window, door and so on.

Before going on an expedition, you have to decide which location to choose. It all boils down to the difficulty level and the materials you might find. The levels are grid-based, with many hidden blocks that we have to search through before finding out what's there. Maybe a treasure, maybe a zombie.

RoomZ is an arcade adventure with hand-drawn animations. To make you entertained, the developers added a story and daily missions. In future updates we are promised boss battles, a full-fledged storyline, a dark, and long descent into the dungeons, as well as new recipes and base floors. Although the game has ads and in-game purchases, your success is not dependent on them.

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Released on Apr 19, 2022
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