Arcade game Glory of Destiny: Dragon Slayer might remind you of Warcraft

Glory of Destiny: Dragon Slayer is a new strategy game for Android. You can play it in Asia and other countries if you find a way.

Glory of Destiny: Dragon Slayer is a mobile project that is now available only on Android. The game lets you pick one of three factions — humans, elves, and orcs. Your choice will determine the style and outlook of your new kingdom. Moreover, there are thematic leaders who differ in their roles and rarity.

This game is a geo strategy where you follow the tutorial, grow your army and join some guild to control vast territories together. To make it easier on new players, there are story chapters and quests. But be aware — you can't see what's happening on unexplored lands. These are elements that will remind you of Warcraft.

As for fighting in Glory of Destiny: Dragon Slayer, your units move and attack automatically, you just have to place them beforehand and according to your strategy. A few of the advantages of this game are the symphonic soundtrack and easy-to-understand UI. But one of the bad things is the VIP status. This means you'll have to work hard to win against premium players on later stages.

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Glory of Destiny: Dragon Slayer

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