Arat: TPS MOBA available in Asia with 3 codes

Arat: TPS MOBA is another team shooter for casual players in Asia. There are promo codes for those who want to be the best.

Arat: TPS MOBA is a game for iOS and Android. Currently, there is the early version available in Southeastern Asia solely in Google Play. There is no word about the iOS version. In this game, players split up into two teams 3v3 and choose the character that suits their playing style.

Unlike League of Legends and DOTA 2, you look from the third-person perspective and run on a small arena, shooting your enemies. The objectives are simple — securing and holding a point and destroying the enemy team. To make your life easier, there are med kits scattered all over the place.

By winning in Arat: TPS MOBA, players receive gold and premium currency, sometimes even some special badges for their achievements on the battlefield. However, it's a shame the game encourages everyone to participate in killing — players do combos and deal more damage the more they continue the onslaught. This will make teammates argue about who's the best and so on.

Promo codes for Arat: TPS MOBA

  • VIPCD1,
  • VIPCD2,
  • VIPCD3.

Google Play

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