Anime RPG Goddess Era has some nice-looking waifus

Goddess Era is all about open clothes and beautiful waifus. Even with a Teen rating.

Goddess Era is a mobile RPG that is now available on Android; there is no word about iOS. Players will have to assemble a team of waifus with a revealing outfit. This is strange as almost every country, even South Korea, has 12+ or Teen rating. The models are made with the live 2D technology, and you'll need to summon new heroes from gachas which are split up into different categories, depending on your financial well-being.

Goddess Era has AFK rewards and even raids. There is even a voice chat, but there is no indication of other social elements like guilds or leaderboards. As for the plot, people have lived peacefully until some powerful Crystal emerged. After this, even Gods took a part in a bloody conflict.

Goddess Era has turn-based and automatic fights, we only have to upgrade waifus, which is done with one tap. To prepare your group, you'll need to spend material and equipment of different rarity. By the way, there are more than 200 Goddesses that await you.

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Goddess Era

Released on May 23, 2022
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