Anime game Mafia Esper can be played on Android

Mafia Esper has entered soft launch in the US. The game offers action in isometric view.

Mafia Esper is a mobile game that you can play on Android in the US and other world countries. The project has anime graphics and text dialogues with cutscenes using the game's engine. The battles in Mafia Esper are real-time and isometric, where you control an anime waifu and fight bandits. As you progress, you'll get partners in your team, they are controlled by the AI.

By completing missions in Mafia Esper, players get rewards with different rarity levels. They are needed to level up heroes that are also split into various elements: earth, fire, water, and so on. Plus, there's an equipment you need to collect. By the way, the leveling system in Mafia Esper is easy — you just tap once and the character gets new level.

Mafia Esper also has idle elements, meaning while you're in the main menu, the group of heroes fights automatically. At this time, you can get rewards for completed missions. You can even set up your team with an auto feature. Subscribe to learn more.

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Mafia Esper

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