Anima of Quantmix wants to be another NFT sensation

Anima of Quantmix can be installed on Android phones. The game promises crypto and NFT tokens.

Anima of Quantmix is a mobile game that is available in Google Play. There is no word about the iOS version. It's an anime turn-based RPG and a hero-collector, if you will. Our group can consist of 4 players and maybe more. Unfortunately for some, there are no English voice-overs, only Japanese ones, but the text is in English. If you want to control your characters, you can choose a target and unleash your fury with special skills. Other than that, there is an auto-mode.

As one should expect, we pray for new and rare waifus in Anima of Quantmix. Furthermore, you get bonuses and various buffs for joining a guild. The gameplay is simple — we complete missions, trying to get all the 3 stars. It's needed to earn upgrade materials and get ready for PvP fights.

Apart from the usual hero-collector elements, you can earn some money by just playing Anima of Quantmix. Of course, it won't be much, so you need to gather the rarest items and sell them to others. Moreover, you can participate in your guild's life, progress in story, be the best in PvP and complete timed events. All of this will bring the precious tokens.

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Anima of Quantmix

Released on May 5, 2022
2 days ago

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