Anima Hunter is available in the US on Android

RPG Anima Hunter can be downloaded from Google Play. The game boasts great cutscenes.

Anima Hunter is a mobile game that's available now on Android in the US. It has Chinese hieroglyphs, so you won't understand much, but the graphics are great for smartphones. This game can be described as a Squad RPG with a few missing sound effects, but cool special effects.

There is a semi-open world in Anime Hunter — you can explore the Hub City, where you meet other players and quest NPCs. But you can also get teleported to other lands to fight monsters and bosses in a turn-based fashion. The gameplay is split into missions and biomes, where you can walk around freely. But it's not the same open world as in Genshin Impact.

As you progress in Anima Hunter, you get new anime heroes in your team; this increases the overall strength power of your group. The characters can also be obtained via the gacha system. By participating in fights, you get experience, gold, and materials for leveling up heroes. We believe that there might also be PvP in Anima Hunter. So far, there's no word on the global and iOS version, so subscribe and we will notify you.

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Anima Hunter

Will be released in 2022
2 days ago

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