Among Gods: RPG Adventure is like RAID: Shadow Legends, but a bit better?

Among Gods: RPG Adventure came out on iOS and Android in many countries. You need to assemble a team of Medieval fantasy heroes.

Among Gods: RPG Adventure is a mobile game that is available in App Store and Google Play. As the name suggests, it's an RPG where you command a group of 3 and maybe more heroes. They fight automatically, you just have to use their ultimate. The story is told via Live 2D cutscenes and text dialogues.

In the beginning of Among Gods, you mostly have to complete the story campaign, other content will be unlocked as you level up. This includes summoning new heroes via a gacha system or joining a guild. The developers claim that they've used beautiful 3D graphics and this is true — the game looks better than RAID: Shadow Legends.

Heroes in Among Gods: RPG Adventure are historically accurate, but you need to help them find the best equipment and reliques. There are hundreds of characters, waiting to be discovered and upgraded. They are further split into 5 different factions. The devs promise different battlefields, although we don't know if there's PvP present.

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Among Gods! RPG Adventure

Released on Aug 25, 2022
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