Alpha Ace confronts Counter-Strike and Standoff 2

Alpha Ace has begun a new beta test on Android. The devs promise many rewards.

Alpha Ace is a mobile alternative to Counter-Strike that was once even called Global Offensive Mobile. Since then, the shooter has seen some CBTs and now Android gamers can participate in another one. There's no end date for this, so you might be able to reap many rewards that the devs give out.

For example, you might get a diamond perk and an exclusive CBT bundle. Those who can level up to 20, will get a unique skin and avatar forever. This means the progress will not be deleted after the servers are closed.

Apart from that, there is a Novice Festival in Alpha Ace with rewards like Prism character, Hacker skins and so on. By the way, the global publisher for this game is Garena International. Yes, this is the same company that is responsible for Free Fire.

As for the modes in Alpha Ace, there are ranked matches and an Explosive fight. Those are unlocked after you level up your account. Until then, you can practice in random matches. Maybe this will be your ultimate CS alternative?

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