ALICE Fiction gives 40 free pulls after the servers will be up and running

ALICE Fiction can be pre-downloaded before the official launch on July 27th. This is a puzzle game with elements from music titles.


ALICE Fiction is a mobile project that will come out on iOS and Android tomorrow, on July 27th. You can pre-download the client, the devs will give out all the pre-registration rewards to everyone after the servers are opened. This means everyone will get 40 free pulls, which is quite generous.

If you've played such games as Dislyte and felt like it's your cup of tea, then you will like ALICE Fiction for the soundtrack and opening scenes like it's a full-fledged anime, not a mobile game with gacha characters.

ALICE Fiction sees you pulling rare characters with 10 free pulls during the tutorial. You need to assemble a group of waifus, they differ in terms of rarity, elements, and their role in the team. There are at least 6 team presents for different modes like PvE and PvP. Of course, the best option to level up is to complete missions and chapters. During fights, you have a limited amount of turns with merging cubes of the same color to make the most damage.

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IOS, Android

ALICE Fiction

Released on Jul 26, 2022
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