AFK 2 Journey gives you tons of rewards via idle farming

AFK 2 Journey is available on Android in a few countries. The game has pleasant graphics.

AFK 2 Journey is an RPG for smartphones, where you gather a team of Medieval heroes. The developers have created a vibrant world with cartoon graphics. The gameplay is rather simple — you control a group of characters and travel through narrow locations. Most of the time, there are monsters waiting for you.

When the battle starts in AFK 2 Journey, you have to place your units according to their roles, and after that the fight is fully automated. It means that your chances of winning depend solely on elements of your heroes and how they leveled up.

By the way, upgrading heroes in AFK 2 Journey is done with 1 tap, the same goes for their equipment, which varies in rarity. The developers of this game claim that there are many rewards waiting for you in the idle mode, meaning you can sleep and get tons of those. As for the story plot in AFK 2 Journey, it's uncovered via small cutscenes with voiced dialogues, but rather dull animations.

List of countries to play AFK 2 Journey

  • India;
  • Australia;
  • Canada;
  • The Philippines;
  • The UK.

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AFK 2 Journey

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