Adventure Doom & Destiny Worlds has unusual enemies and 16-bit graphics

Doom & Destiny Worlds is available on Android worldwide. It's a premium project, but might worth it for some.

Doom & Destiny Worlds is a new adventure game on Android. Players take a role of a nerd who appeared on a tropical island with his friends. But they are missing, and you need to find them. This won't be easy, though because you have to collect equipment and weapons from enemies or crates. This will not only change the stats of your pixel-art hero, but also his appearance.

Doom & Destiny Worlds is not an alternative to The Legend of Zelda as the fights are turn-based and instead of a serious plot with a missing princess you get goblins cosplayers and giants with awful gases. One of the interesting things about this game is that enemies can help each other and squeeze their way into an active battle.

The devs of Doom & Destiny Worlds are promising difficult challenges that will test you and your equipment. This is why you need to collect blueprints to create more stuff. There are also achievements that you get for increasing the level of your group. And one other good thing about this project — highly interactive world.

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Doom & Destiny Worlds

Released on May 19, 2022
Oct 1, 2022

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