20 Minutes Till Dawn launches on iOS and Android

20 Minutes Till Dawn is an alternative to Vampire Survivors. You can play it on Android before the official launch.

20 Minutes Till Dawn should be launched today on smartphones across the world. But if you have an Android device, you can already play a Chinese version. It's identical to the global one, but with a choice to turn on the Chinese localization. Players will get to choose 1 character in the beginning and 1 out of 2 mods — the quick one with a 10-minute session and the standard one with 20 minutes.

As for the gameplay in 20 Minutes Till Dawn, your main goal is to survive by killing monsters. Your hero only has 4 lives, and they can go down pretty fast. Don't forget that the gun you're holding needs to be recharged.

By killing monsters in 20 Minutes Till Dawn, you get XP and gold to level up your hero with random abilities. It's great that there is a pause button, as in mobile games you can't always sit down 10 minutes straight. There's more — you can give up and complete the run any minute and not lose the coins you've got from it. So this is an interesting experience for a F2P-game.

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IOS, Android

20 Minutes Till Dawn

Will be released on Dec 21, 2022
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