20 Minutes Till Dawn is a successor to Vampire Survivors

20 Minutes Till Dawn is in early version on iOS and PC. Gamers on iOS can pre-register.

20 Minutes Till Dawn is an addictive game for both smartphones and PC. The iOS version is unavailable at the moment, but App Store says the game might get released on December 21st, 2022. If you can play it now on PC or Android, please do — the gameplay is straightforward: you pick a character out of 7 (most of them are blocked in the beginning), and a gun.

Before the run in 20 Minutes Till Dawn starts, you still need to decide how long will it be — 10 or 20 minutes. Of course, there are different difficulty levels, but you unlock them one by one. The soundtrack, level design, and colors give this game a retro look.

If you believe App Store, then 20 Minutes Till Dawn will be a premium project. It brings bullet hell and no ads whatsoever. By the way, the monsters were inspired by Howard Lovecraft's books.

What can you expect from 20 Minutes Till Dawn?

  • 2 characters: Shana and Diamond;
  • 2 weapons: revolver and shotgun;
  • quick and standard modes;
  • 5 difficulty levels;
  • 12 languages;

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IOS, Android

20 Minutes Till Dawn

Will be released on Dec 21, 2022
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