«Ooga Ooga!» is an unusual simulator of a prehistoric tribe

«Ooga Ooga!» is available on Android. It's one of those games you can't put your finger on the first time you launch it.

«Ooga Ooga!» is an arcade simulator where you take up a role of a tribe leader. Occasionally, you don't know what to do, sometimes there are some assistants to help you. Still, this is an interesting game because it's made in a vertical view and with only black and white colors.

«Ooga Ooga!» is now available on Android in some countries like Canada. We consider it a soft launch with no details on iOS version. Your first and main duty is to bring your best warriors to a level. Then they have to fight with different enemies, ranging from chickens to huge mammoths. Unfortunately, in the beginning even chickens will put you to shame, so keep completing the missions and upgrading your warriors. Maybe even pull a rare one with good luck?

If one of your tribesmen dies, don't worry — they automatically go to the nearest prehistoric hospitals. Well, you still have to wait for a while, but it's better than spending resources on new units after each fight. If only the devs have added a sound tutorial, so you get the hang of all the gameplay elements.

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