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The best, new and upcoming games like to MetaCity M on Android and iOS. Top clone games and projects like MetaCity M, a list of games of the same type on ATG. Games are selected based on genre, setting, and play style. The list is constantly updated, more similar new games are added. If you were looking for games similar to MetaCity M, then below is our list:


Heartopia is a mobile game about building a house, and then a whole city. This will help you make friends, travel with them and spend time together, taking photos and hanging them on the wall. The developers claim that gamers will be able to enjoy...

Fading City (CITY)2023

Fading City is a survival simulator in a zombie apocalypse. It is not yet possible to say for sure about the open world, but we expect large locations with the possibility of exploration and elements of stealth. Together with other players, you wi...

Stman1 Quarter 2023

Stman is a multiplayer action game that takes inspiration from Brawl Stars. Yes, we run around a small arena and throw an object at enemies that looks more like a cucumber than a weapon. The graphics are at the level of "the first project of an in...

RobloxMay 26, 2011

Roblox is an incredible virtual universe for games, their creation and the embodiment of all your fantasies. Join millions of players and immerse yourself in the incredible variety of worlds created by this community! Do you want to go on an epic ...

Superpower SquadJul 4, 2022

Superpower Squad is a mobile action game with isometric gameplay, where you fight with about 11 players on one map. Your task is to remain the last survivor, as the main mode is "battle royale". In addition, the developers promise to introduce det...

Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT2023

Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT is a game for iOS and Android. The gameplay is automatic so that the player doesn't need to spend his or her time on grinding material. Moreover, you can lend your heroes to other players for mutual benefits — they get good ...

FortniteApr 3, 2018

Fortnite is a representative of the battle royale genre, in which 100 people are dropped onto the map and fight until one (or a squad) remains alive. The gameplay consists of collecting loot and shootouts. However, an important feature of this par...

Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid2023

Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid is an arcade project in which you need to assemble a squad of heroes and send them on an expedition. The peculiarity of the project is the use of blockchain and NFT, which will allow you to transfer assets across the Com2...

Golden Bros2023

Golden Bros is a new project from Korea. Our task is to assemble a squad of three unique heroes, pump them up, and then send them to the battlefield in a 3-on-3 format. Probably, the battles will take place in real time, and cool heroes can be exc...

Radiant Galaxy2023

Radiant Galaxy is a mobile project with arcade elements. In fact, you put mobs on the battlefield, pulling cards from the deck, and then watch how they deal with the enemy. Of course, everything is tied to the loot boxes and the rarity of the char...

CrabadaMay 18, 2022

Crabada is a mobile strategy game where we create our army of crabs, pump them, feed them and send them on an adventure. Your warriors differ not only in the level of leveling, but also in the class and faction to which they belong. Of course, sin...

Bicycle Pizza Delivery2023

Bicycle Pizza Delivery is a mobile project available on Google Play. You will ride a bike in full athlete's uniform, but the task is not easy — to deliver pizza in a certain time in a large and open city. In fact, we are offered an open world with...

Nova BattlesJun 14, 2022

Nova Battles is a mobile arcade game in which 6 players are divided into 2 teams and fight in a small arena. The cartoon graphics and the gameplay itself were clearly taken from Brawl Stars. Of the modes in the game there is hunting, football, col...


Krabots is a mobile arcade game. Unfortunately, in terms of graphics and interface, it is unlikely to attract even those who are interested in the topic of crypt and NFT, and so far, probably, the developer has not added such a feature. As you upg...

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator2023

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a fun tactical game based on physics. TABS uses state-of-the-art physics-based simulation to provide you with a once-unseen insight into our greatest battles.

Wasteland Tour: Zombie Idle2023

Wasteland Tour: Zombie Idle is a smartphone game set in a post-apocalypse world. This means that fights with enemies take place in the wasteland or even during acid rain. In Wasteland Tour: Zombie Idle, it is necessary to fight back against zombie...


MergeVille is a mobile project. Like Stardew Valley, this game attracts calm music and a cartoon picture. Of course, the gameplay is much more arcade — you solve puzzles in the "3 in a row" format, thereby clearing the garden of weeds and grass, i...

Hoop Heroes2023

Hoop Heroes is a sports project for smartphones, which can now be downloaded on Android. In fact, players take part in street basketball, assembling teams of 2 or more players. You need to control the characters manually, that is, this is not an i...

Antmons Colo2023

Antmons Colo is a mobile project with high-speed fights in the Brawl Stars format. In this game, gamers are divided into 2 teams in a 3 by 3 format and fight in a small arena, collecting stars and holding them until the timer runs out. Each player...

The Sims: Project Rene2023

In The Sims: Project Rene, gamers will create furniture in homes, changing the smallest details, up to the location of pillows and patterns on them. In this regard, The Sims is more like a home repair simulator than a sandbox with the ability to c...

Sausage Man2023

There are dynamic shootouts, sausage characters with customization and "so-so" graphics. In between, you can dance on the dance floor, pretend to be a bush and shoot a typical firearm. It all starts with a small trailer with wings and screws. A gr...


UTOYA is a mobile project. You will have to choose a unique avatar and weapons for it, for example, a shield in one hand and a lightsaber in the second. The local world is divided into rather large, but corridor locations, put together on the map....

Mini Tennis2023

Mini Tennis sees players taking it to the tennis court and controlling their avatars manually. The rules are semi-casual and semi-professional, with you choosing how to hit the ball and where to land it. As players progress and win matches, they w...

War Thunder Edge2023

War Thunder Edge is a war simulator, and unlike the same World of Tanks Blitz and Tank Company, this game will support battles on several types of combat vehicles at once, namely: tanks, ships and airplanes. I am glad that in War Thunder Edge it i...

Noah's HeartJul 28, 2022

Noah's Heart is a mobile game that has a potential to overthrow Genshin Impact. The developers offer a non-linear gameplay experience, freedom to level up the hero and an open combat system with no class restrictions. Apparently, it all depends on...

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