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All the events in KLIGHT for Android and IOS. When will CBT, OBT or release of KLIGHT happen in your region? All the info about events is sorted by date and presented as a user-friendly list. Also, here are all the events for KLIGHT, both old and upcoming. New events are marked by a special color.


The release of KLIGHT is expected. The developers plan to release the game on Android and IOS all over the world.

Android, IOS
Oct 26, 2022
Soft launch

KLIGHT has soft launched. You can try the game on Android and IOS in many Asian countries.

Android, IOS


  • Release — the final moment for many games.
  • Update — Good developers keep their apps fresh for a long time. We're covering most of the updates via news articles.
  • Alpha test — One of the first stages in game It mostly occurs one year or more before the release date.
  • Closed beta test — Players fill out special forms and some of them are able to test the game earlier than others.
  • Open beta test — Everybody can participate in this event. Mostly occurs months before the release date.
  • Early access — Players get access to a limited content and test it, while devs get alot of feedback.
  • Soft launch — The game is almost finished, devs just need time to flash out balance and other minor game mechanics.
  • Closing the game — Sometimes this happens when a game didn't meet the devs' expectations. It can even be canceled during an ongoing development.

Release date:

Android, IOS


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