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The best, new and upcoming games like to IDEA: The Game on Android and iOS. Top clone games and projects like IDEA: The Game, a list of games of the same type on ATG. Games are selected based on genre, setting, and play style. The list is constantly updated, more similar new games are added. If you were looking for games similar to IDEA: The Game, then below is our list:

Bullet Hell MondayAug 14, 2017

Bullet Hell Monday is an exemplary game in the Bullet Hell genre. In it you have to go through many levels, open new aircraft, put improvements on them, etc.

Universal Truck Simulator 2022Jul 5, 2022

Universal Truck Simulator is a trucker simulator where you create a company and travel around Europe; a direct competitor is Truckers of Europe 3. The developers promise large and detailed maps with sights and long trails. You can choose both Amer...

Rise of KingdomsSep 21, 2018

Construction is a key element of the development of any civilization. Wars are necessary for the survival of your civilization. Making alliances can give your civilization a strategic advantage. Use all three tools wisely so that your civilization...

Bus Simulator City RideOct 13, 2022

Bus Simulator City Ride is a simulator for smartphones. The game is out on iOS and Android, and there are 10 licensed buses from such well-known manufacturers, as MAN, Scania, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, and others. These are double-decker buses, electr...

Gangpire: Fire & FuryApr 13, 2022

Gangpire: Fire & Fury is a game where players have to control the virtual city and make their own rules. Essentially, we get a strategy game about earning money and spending them on criminal deeds.

Just Cause Mobile2023

Just Cause Mobile is an action game where players attack bandits and gain control over territories. Square Enix has added a new mode where 30 players can participate; it seems it's a multiplayer mode, not a PvP one. Moreover, you can become a memb...

Snipe of Duty: Sexy Agent Spy2023

In Snipe of Duty: Sexy Agent Spy, you play as sniper girls, each of them looks attractive, but the emphasis is on completing missions; you have to destroy bandits, help the police and even hack surveillance cameras with cars like Watch Dogs. This ...

Parking Master Multiplayer 2Oct 4, 2022

This is not an ordinary parking game. The developers have improved the game Parking Master: Multiplayer according to your wishes and presented a real experience of driving a car, as well as parking, racing, drift, role-playing game and much more.<...


Peridot is a new project for iOS and Android. According to the authors' idea, people have encountered Peridot creatures, but there is one problem — they do not know what to do and they need help. That is, this is another tamagotchi simulator, only...

Pokémon GoSep 10, 2018

In Pokémon Go, the main task will be to search and exchange Pokemon. Small monsters will inhabit the streets of cities, where users will have to look for them. A special application will help in the search. In fact, Pokémon Go is an interactive ga...

G2 Fighter2023

G2 Fighter is an isometric adventure where the player acts as one of the survivors of a nuclear disaster. Together with others, he will have to take an accelerated course of a young fighter before going to the Wastelands. I am glad that all contro...

Bound By Blades2023

In the role-playing game Bound By Blades, the desert land of Ashmyr pleased bloodthirsty beasts. Collect materials, forge equipment and strengthen yourself to face fierce opponents who are stronger to revive the last hopes of life.

Where Is My Sister2023

Where Is My Sister is a multiplayer project for smartphones. You can choose a variety of roles, including detective or spy, but the goal is the same — the victims must solve puzzles together and get out in a futuristic helicopter, while 2 other pl...

Nordicandia: Semi Idle RPGSep 1, 2022

Nordicandia: Semi Idle RPG is a mobile game where you choose the race and class of the character, on which the basic bonus and characteristics depend. As in classic RPGs, you will spend talent points on your own, and you can reset your choice for ...

Project: Island2023

Project: Island is a mobile game. This is a survival type of game, where you choose an avatar and an island to dislocate. After that it all starts from scratch — you have basic tools to get wood, stone, and food.

F Class AdventurerDec 6, 2022

F Class Adventurer has pixel graphics that will remind you of retro consoles like NES and SNES. It's interesting that you play a hero that has F rarity, meaning he is very weak. But with your help, you will be able to change that. As F Class Adven...

Station 117Nov 24, 2022

Station 117 is a mobile game that is available in App Store and Google Play. It puts emphasis on solving puzzles as a Jerry Goodman — genius and billionaire, who stumbles upon this secret base by mistake. It should be noted that Station 117 offers...

Broken Ranks2023

Broken Ranks is a journey through a spectrum of emotions evoked by our elaborate and mature narrative. Take part in decisive moments that will forever change the shape of the world. Get to know personal stories of many extraordinary characters inh...

Door Kickers 2: Task Force North2023

The action of the game Door Kickers 2: Task Force North is transferred to the Middle East. At your disposal will be a special purpose squad, whose task is to fight terrorists using drones, night vision devices and a lot of other high–tech devices....

DuskwoodSep 26, 2019

You will have to sort out a complicated case, collecting evidence, analyzing photos, voice messages and even passing simple mini-games. You will be helped by a team of friends, but you will need to be careful and think twice before deciding who to...

Turnip Boy Commits Tax EvasionMay 24, 2022

The capitalist comes to the turnip and declares: "You evaded taxes and will be punished." No, this is not the beginning of a joke, although Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion clearly combines humorous notes. This is a new and pixel adventure game in w...

This is the PresidentMay 10, 2022

This is the President — strategy. It is necessary to manage resources, deceive, bribe and blackmail politicians in order to have time to make some amendment to the Constitution in four years; it will give you immunity and hide the gray deeds of th...

Sniper League: The IslandJun 21, 2022

Sniper League: The Island is a mobile game in which you have to eliminate targets from a sniper rifle. The gameplay is divided into levels during which we gain experience and drawings for improvements and new guns. Interestingly, they don't highli...

She is Mad: Pay Your DemonJul 6, 2022

She is Mad: Pay Your Demon is a mobile game based on the plot of which Jim and his wife decided to do dark magic. This led to the fact that she lost her soul and turned into a monster, although the plan was to resurrect their daughter. As a result...

Legends of Chronos2023

Legends of Chronos is an anime simulator of a city planner. You will be in charge of a huge settlement, made according to the standards of the fantasy genre. During the training and tasks, you will understand how to build new buildings, hire troop...

IDEA: The Game

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Jan 2023
Android, IOS