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The best, new and upcoming games like to Genshin Impact on Android and iOS. Top clone games and projects like Genshin Impact, a list of games of the same type on ATG. Games are selected based on genre, setting, and play style. The list is constantly updated, more similar new games are added. If you were looking for games similar to Genshin Impact, then below is our list:

Noah's HeartJul 28, 2022

Noah's Heart is a mobile game that has a potential to overthrow Genshin Impact. The developers offer a non-linear gameplay experience, freedom to level up the hero and an open combat system with no class restrictions. Apparently, it all depends on...

The King of Fighters All StarOct 22, 2019

В игре простое управление, которое позволит использовать различные навыки и задействовать комбо-удары, свойственные серии. В The King of Fighters All Star присутствуют персонажи из прошлых частей: начиная с The King of Fighters ‘94 и заканчивая T...

Rise of ErosSep 13, 2022

Rise of Eros is a mobile role-playing game where you control a group of realistic vayfu. They are not averse to saving the fantasy world, although they are also not averse to something else. Yes, the game is intended for an audience of 18+, which ...

Cat Planet2022

Cat Planet is a cute anime game with kitten characters. Quiet synthesizers play in the main menu, under which the player knocks out the first 10 free Wi-Fi. They differ in the level of rarity and are obtained only through gacha; they also belong t...

Tales NoirJul 8, 2022

Tales Noir is a mobile MMO with anime style and a warm palette of colors. In fact, we need to perform tasks in auto-format, sometimes distracted by video inserts. The camera is isometric, so we observe what is happening from a bird's-eye view. Int...

Path to NowhereOct 27, 2022

Path to Nowhere (Minos Bureau of Crisis Control) is a mobile anime game in the genre of "tower defense". Players compare it to Arknights, although there are differences. You will build units along the lines, protecting the passages from the advanc...

NieR Re[in]carnationJul 28, 2021

The first thing that catches your eye is the gloomy setting, which is simply saturated with sadness. The characters are constantly trying to make the world around them and their loved ones at least a little better. So that you understand, the main...

My Hero Academia: The Strongest HeroMay 19, 2021

Players will travel around the city, greet its residents, and fight villains. Characters need to be trained, pumped, and even fed. All this in order to rise to the highest ranks. Fans of the series will see familiar superheroes. The missions are a...

Honkai Impact 3rdMar 28, 2018

This is a full-fledged three-dimensional action game in which you control a group of characters and can switch between them. Each of the Valkyries has unique abilities that set them apart from the rest. Honkai Impact 3rd has a full-fledged plot, b...

GrimlightJul 7, 2022

Grimlight is an anime game. According to the gameplay, we assemble a team of rare heroes and watch them fight against enemy knights on their own. The plot is divided into missions, and a team can have a maximum of 10 heroes. Grimlight can already ...

Argent Twilight: Secrets of the Dark OrbsSep 2022

Argent Twilight is a new RPG. Nexon promises a steampunk role-playing game, but the battles are turn-based, although with such great graphics you expect something like Genshin Impact with an open world. So, in fights, your group of rare heroes can...

NIKKE: The Goddess of Victory2022

NIKKE: The Goddess of Victory is a mobile and rather hardcore shooter. In it, you need to collect a group of vayfu point-by-point and constantly switch between them, as missiles fly at you and shoot from all the cracks. If we talk about the pictur...

Minos Bureau of Crisis Control2022

Minos Bureau of Crisis Control is a mobile anime game in the genre of "tower defense". Players compare it to Arknights, although there are differences. You will build units along the lines, protecting the passages from the advancing enemy. Gamers ...

Diablo ImmortalJun 2, 2022

The events of the new Diablo Immortal will unfold after the finale of Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction. We will learn the stories of many characters — what happened to them during the time between the second and third parts of the series. According t...

Destiny ChildDec 6, 2018

One of the main features of Destiny Child is the design from the former artistic director of Blade & Soul. It was thanks to him that these colorful characters appeared. Destiny Child was one of the first games to use Live 2D technology, which ...

Avatar Generations2022

Avatar Generations is a project for Android. In terms of gameplay, I suggest we assemble a team of Avatar and his friends, and then participate in turn-based battles. At the start, you can't subtract the auto mode, so you need to choose the goal y...

EroicaAug 11, 2022

Eroica is an adventure on iOS and Android with an interesting name. Eroica developers promise more than 40 characters with their own story and characters, plus they are voiced (not everywhere). Your task is to assemble a team of heroes and partici...

Wuthering Waves2022

Wuthering Waves is an anime project for smartphones. In the story, players find themselves in an "industrial wasteland" called Rover. Locals skillfully fight and have mystical abilities. The developers promise an open world with a deep plot and fr...

Project Snow2022

Project Snow is a third-person shooter game similar in gameplay to Punishing: Gray Raven, only with better graphics and animation. We will fight off waves of enemies in small arenas, using not only firearms and switching between heroes, as in Gens...

Aether Gazer2022

Aether Gazer is an anime mobile phone game. In fact, this is a third-person action game where we fight huge robots in a small arena. The character has four active skills, plus a basic attack. At the end of the level you get a rating, as well as ma...

Date A Live: Spirit PledgeJun 9, 2022

Players will assemble a team of four vayfu, and then go to 2D locations to deal with a bunch of bandits. This is done in the style of beat 'em up, only with anime graphics. For winning, you get materials for leveling and experience.

Echoes of ManaApr 26, 2022

This is an isometric RPG where we assemble a group of four characters. The graphics are made in the style of the Mana series using hand-drawn graphics. The project uses 2.5D stylistics. Despite the fact that the player can make his own decisions d...

Zenless Zone Zero2022

Zenless Zone Zero is a new RPG from the creators of Genshin Impact. This is again an anime game with gameplay like Honkai Impact 3rd, only this time we are offered an urban setting. According to the gameplay, Zenless Zone Zero tends more towards a...

Honkai: Star Rail2022

This is a new jRPG that will replace the second title. From the video, it can be understood that characters from the modern world will travel during the Victorian era. Although there are suggestions that the main topic will be space exploration, b...

Seven Sphere2023

Seven Sphere is a mobile game. Unfortunately, there are Chinese characters in it, and the probability of English localization is minimal. On the other hand, is it worth getting upset? It has turn-based battles where you gather a group of rare waif...

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