Top slashers on iOS and Android similar to Diablo Immortal

Jun 15, 2022
10 Games

Hello mobile gamers. Diablo Immortal is finally out, but many of you may not like the game's monetization system. That is why we will consider the list of the best slashers for smartphones in 2022.

Eternium Aug 11, 2014

The game was created by a community fan of old-school action RPG with one important note - it is exactly the kind that they themselves would like to play. Here you will fight hordes of enemies, collect loot and develop your character, acquiring n...

Bladebound Nov 9, 2017

In Bladebound, we are waiting for an interesting plot, spectacular graphics and simple control mechanics. Fans of d-pad were unlucky – the movement of characters here is implemented using taps, but it looks responsive. Attacks are based on gesture...

UNDECEMBER Oct 12, 2022

Slasher with RPG elements. The graphics are on the level, the engine is Unreal Engine 4. Each fight will be a kind of "evolution" of the character. We can combine hundreds of skills and items. Players will explore dungeons, there are several modes...

Titan Quest Jul 7, 2016

The legendary Diablo series probably cannot be replaced by anything, but there are still worthy representatives from the "slasher" genre. One of them is Titan Quest. Instead of hellish dungeons and gloomy castles, we find ourselves in quite sunny ...

Demonborne 2023

Demonborne is a mobile game with a mix of genres such as bagels and ARPG. According to the plot, the worlds of humans and demons are connected, and only "half-breeds" can resist them. Descending lower and lower, players will have to solve riddles ...

Dungeon Hunter 5 Mar 11, 2015

Demons in the assortment are waiting for you again, as well as battles with friends in online multiplayer. The plot of this game starts from the final moment of the previous version, when the demonic threat was repelled, but, as it turned out, it'...

Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival Jun 12, 2018

This is an isometric adventure that will remind someone of the mobile Last Day on Earth, and some of the classics in the face of Diablo. In the story, you become a wanderer in the Plague Lands after your native imperial province has fallen into a ...

Anima ARPG (2020) Mar 18, 2020

This is a hack'n'slash with RPG elements in the style of Diablo and other old-school projects. It boasts a dynamic combat system, created taking into account the features of mobile devices, and in a dark fantasy setting. Already, the game has 40 l...

Arcane Quest Legends Dec 19, 2018

The creators position their game as a kind of Diablo on mobile. The action here takes place not in separate arenas, but in a full-fledged open world, through which you need to travel, destroy enemies, collect loot and continue to explore.

Raziel: Dungeon Arena Sep 21, 2020

Raze: Dungeon Arena offers more than 60 solo dungeons in PvE mode, which will need to be cleaned up in the hack-n-slash style. You will also see a number of interesting quests, a huge number of difficult bosses and other delights of the RPG genre....