Top 10 turn based RPGs for Android and IOS in 2022

May 26, 2022
10 Games

We've rounded up the top 10 turn-based RPGs for hard and slow game lovers. On the list you will find such games as Xcom, Banner saga and many others.

South Park: Phone Destroyer Nov 9, 2017

In South Park: Phone Destroyer, you will fight teams of themed heroes on the streets of South Park, Colorado. Cartman becomes the instigator of the conflict again, and, of course, our good old friends from the South Park universe are going to inte...

Vampire's Fall: Origins Sep 7, 2018

An RPG is waiting for you in an open two-dimensional world, where you will play the role of defender of the village from the forces of evil. Although the role of your character is designated in advance, you are free to create it at the very beginn...

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus Apr 22, 2021

This game is dedicated to the Adeptus Mechanicus organization, whose activities are related to various mechanisms. The plot is dedicated to the expedition of the magos dominus Faustinius to the necron planet Silva Tenebris. The plot here is given ...

Baldur's Gate II Jan 17, 2014

In the late nineties Baldur's Gate was an icon of the genre of role-playing games, but times have changed, and we have almost forgotten those games that took five CDs and were installed for ages. The mobile version of Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edi...

Darkest Dungeon Aug 24, 2017

Darkest Dungeon invites you to grotesque and creepy dungeons that evoke the most real claustrophobia. You will manage a group of heroes – From the Plague Doctor to the Lord of the Hounds – fighting the forces of darkness, exploring corridors, tunn...

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 Dec 18, 2020

The Republic and the Jedi, as usual, are on the verge of extinction and only we can save them. Our actions and responses in dialogues can lead towards good or evil. In the latter case, on the contrary, we will doom the Republic to destruction, so ...

ATOM RPG May 29, 2020

In Atom RPG, you are given the opportunity to explore the mysterious world of the Soviet wastelands, which was formed after the exchange of nuclear strikes between the United States and the Western bloc in 1986. The developers offer an advanced ro...

XCOM 2 Collection Nov 5, 2020

Players will have to defend the Earth and human civilization from the onslaught of alien creatures who only want to destroy us all. The commanders of the XCOM secret base take control of a squad of fighters who fly to the hottest spots to fight...

Banner Saga 2 Sep 29, 2016

Banner Saga 2 is a continuation of a cool turn—based RPG, where every choice matters, only if in the first part we collected all the characters in one place, now the task is more difficult - to keep them together. Of course, if you were hoping to ...

Soul Tide Mar 29, 2022

Soul Tide is an anime themed mobile game. The project was made in "live" 2D, in which we explore labyrinths and dungeons as puppeteers. This is necessary to save the world from witches. In total, players expect more than 100 random levels.