Top 10 best survival games for iOS and Android

Aug 25, 2022
10 Games

Survival games prepare you for the tough times, for example, if the zombie apocalypse really happens. But it's not only about the living dead, survival games on smartphones bring you a lot of different experiences — from online battles for survival to single-player war games. If you have more suggestions, please leave a comment.

Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice 2022

Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice is a mobile strategy game with survival elements, where freezing cold is your main enemy. We will have to generate energy to heat nearby areas, take care of refugees. Moreover, don't forget that your townspeople count on ...

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Nov 17, 2013

The most popular sandbox game for people of all ages, tastes and preferences. The mobile port of Minecraft: Pocket Edition is extremely well executed and contains most of the features of the original version. To this day, developers are supplement...

Terraria Aug 29, 2013

Terraria has a lot from its progenitor Minecraft, but in visual execution it seems to be made for the SNES gaming system. In it you will discover a 2D world, clouds of pixels, and beautiful landscapes along with dangerous mobs. You can also extrac...

This war of mine Jul 15, 2015

This War of Mine invites players to gather a group of people and keep them alive while armed soldiers take over the city. The gameplay of the game is divided into two time periods – day and night. The heroes of the game will have to look for resou...

Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival Jun 12, 2018

This is an isometric adventure that will remind someone of the mobile Last Day on Earth, and some of the classics in the face of Diablo. In the story, you become a wanderer in the Plague Lands after your native imperial province has fallen into a ...

The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout Jan 31, 2019

The sequel is completely based on the original, but it has more prisons, an improved combat system and a ton of new content that will make the passage more interesting and complex. There will also be local multiplayer for up to 3 players on mobile...

LifeAfter: Night Falls Aug 21, 2019

The world we live in is really just a sealed box. The ever-expanding frontiers of science and technology bring more unknown dangers; more and more convenient vehicles allow viruses to spread. When a devastating virus sweeps across the country, ord...

Lost Sea (Project Atlas) 2022

Players will collect items, eat and drink to maintain health, look for clothes and pump up. If you thought that the developers would forget about zombies, then you were mistaken — they are there. Only these are not just brainless dead (although...

Fallout Shelter Online 2022

Fallout Shelter Online is in some way a sequel, but of course there are changes. If the location of the shelter in the original was questionable, then the actions of Fallout Shelter Online will definitely take place in the Commonwealth of Fallout ...

ZOZ: Final Hour 2022

ZOZ: Final Hour is an action game for mobiles, where players must survive in a zombie apocalypse. The gameplay takes place in the third person, both firearms and cold steel can be used against the dead. Some have some crystals on their backs that ...