The best mobile games for iOS and Android about World War II

May 25, 2022
7 Games

In this selection of the best games, we have collected the most interesting games about the World War II. The list includes card projects, multiplayer shooters, tank battles and real strategies for seasoned wolves. Almost all games from the list can be played right now.

World of Tanks Blitz Jun 26, 2014

The Belarusian company Wargaming was able to conquer not only the older platforms with their tanks, but also smartphones. After all, how nice it is sometimes to destroy the enemy team by driving them from the rear or to beat the enemy tank, slowly...

Tank Company Mobile 2023

The Chinese project Tank Company Mobile will offer realistic graphics and even artillery, which Wargaming could not add. Players participate in fights in the "15 vs 15" format, although no one has canceled the mini-games. As soon as you feel the g...

World War Heroes: WW2 Nov 22, 2017

The events of World War Heroes: WW2 unfold during the Second World War. Inside, we are waiting for not only the most famous historical places of military encounters and exact copies of weapons, but also the possibility of using transport. Yes, you...

Company of Heroes Feb 13, 2020

Company of Heroes is one of the most popular real-time strategies, originally developed by Relic Entertainment studio. It became exactly the game that gave a new meaning to real-time strategy, thanks to an exciting combination of rapidly developin...

Kards mobile 1 Quarter 2023

Kards is a free KKI and the first thing that distinguishes the game from Hearthstone and its like is the setting of the Second World War. The developers say in plain text that all cards can be earned by doing daily routines or getting achievements...

Ghosts of War: WW2 Jun 17, 2021

Ghosts of War: WW2 is a first-person shooter with multiple modes. Among them are team battle, "Against all" and the royal battle. There are several maps and each of them refers to separate milestones of the Second World War — Normandy, Algeria, th...

World War 2 - Battle Combat Apr 7, 2021

The overall style of the game resembles Battlefield, only with stripped-down graphics. World of Warcraft orchestral music plays in the main menu. During battles in the trenches, players are free to choose one of the two sides of the conflict. Each...