Best Play-to-Earn Games with NFTs or Crypto

Oct 21, 2022
9 Games

NFT games is a new phenomenon in the gaming industry. More and more developers are adding crypto to their projects. However, not all of them can earn at least something. We have collected the 9 best games for Android and IOS with the possibility of earning crypto.

Dark Eden M May 4, 2022

The game tells about the global confrontation between humans and vampires in a huge world. The emphasis is on PvP – that is, your main enemies will always be other players. The main feature is the different races and classes and how they change de...

Nova Battles Jun 14, 2022

Nova Battles is a mobile arcade game in which 6 players are divided into 2 teams and fight in a small arena. The cartoon graphics and the gameplay itself were clearly taken from Brawl Stars. Of the modes in the game there is hunting, football, col...

Mir2M: The Warrior Sep 1, 2022

Mir2M: The Warrior is a mobile project. In terms of graphics and interface, it is unlikely to come to you after projects such as Moonlight Blade Mobile and The Origin Of Jingli. The developers promise PvP battles between servers, daily missions an...

MetaCity M Oct 3, 2022

MetaCity M is another mobile game that tries to "get out" due to the theme of NFT and crypts. According to the official website, you will be able to earn money by developing skills, renting out housing or land, as well as advertising integrations ...

GaliXCity Sep 12, 2022

GaliXCity is a strategy for smartphones, where you improve your futuristic city, as well as hire rare heroes, which then need to be used in automatic battles. In fact, you participate in missions, passing them for a while; your main resource is th...

FantasyWar Jun 23, 2022

FantasyWar is a turn-based RPG where you assemble a squad of warriors divided by rarity level and elements. The gameplay is divided into missions, for the victory in which we get experience and materials for pumping. I am glad that they allow you ...

Crabada May 18, 2022

Crabada is a mobile strategy game where we create our army of crabs, pump them, feed them and send them on an adventure. Your warriors differ not only in the level of leveling, but also in the class and faction to which they belong. Of course, sin...

Infinity Angel Oct 13, 2022

Infinity Angel is a mobile game. It uses an anime style, and at the start, players are greeted by an intro of the Hollywood level. The plot of Infinity Angel tells about people who decided to preserve the DNA of 600,000 people after the Earth froz...

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds May 25, 2022

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds has anime graphics, which Studio Ghibli is responsible for, and the gameplay meets all the standards of anime projects with an open world. We switch between characters during the battle to deal increased damage to enemies,...