Best Hero Shooters on iOS and Android

Oct 21, 2022
11 Games

Hero shooters have been gaining popularity lately. The main feature of such games is the presence of different heroes with their own unique abilities. Often the style of play for each hero is different, thus you can diversify the gameplay. We have collected the best hero shooters for Android and IOS.

Apex Legends Mobile May 17, 2022

Set within the immersive Apex Legends™ universe, Apex Legends Mobile is a strategic battle royale shooter game that features Legendary character-based gameplay, best-in-class squad battles, and fast-paced combat that cemented the game’s place as o...

CRSED Mobile 2022

Before the match in CRSED Mobile, you have to choose one of the heroes, and then go to the map, which is clearly inspired by the Second World War — all kinds of bunkers, dug tunnels and helmets of German army soldiers hint at this. If you look at ...

Rogue Company Elite 2022

Rogue Company limits heroes by skills and weapons, so it is best to choose a hero in battles according to the requirements of the team, the game mode and the map on which the combat clash will take place. There are only 2 combat modes so far: Dest...

T3 Arena May 26, 2022

T3 Arena is a heroic 3-on-3 shooter. At the moment, the game has 14 heroes, 6 modes and 15 maps. In T3 Arena, you can gather in one group with friends and use voice chat to communicate. The system requirements are minimal, iOS generally requires a...

Brawl Stars Dec 8, 2018

The famous action game, which, despite all its shareware, allows you to enjoy local battles 3 on 3. There are so many modes that you are unlikely to get bored, and the roster of characters helps you pick up your pet and pump it to the maximum. The...

Hyper Front Jul 20, 2022

Many people notice that NetEase Games has taken the Valorant formula plus characters and weapon store. Known about 8 heroes, they are made with a bias in the anime. To facilitate the choice, you can download the set of items chosen for you or buy ...

Wild Arena Survivors Sep 2, 2022

Wild Arena Survivors is a new project for smartphones from Ubisoft. In fact, we get a mixture of action and battle royale, where we need to extract resources, pump wild animals and destroy real players. Interestingly, you can interact with the env...

Valorant Mobile 2022

In Valorant Mobile, the scheme remains the same — the players are divided into two teams in a 5 on 5 format after selecting the appropriate hero. After the start of the match, players are given 30 seconds to prepare and change button layout; in th...

Rainbow Six Siege Mobile 2023

Rainbow Six Siege Mobile is a new project from Ubisoft, in which players are divided into two teams in a 5-by-5 format. In the game, you can use special gadgets to spy on the enemy, this is available for both special forces and militants. The play...

Warface: Global Operations (Mobile) Jan 15, 2020

Warface Mobile is a new mobile shooter in the Warface universe. If you believe the developers, the project was created from scratch specifically for mobile platforms. Warface: GO is an exclusively multiplayer game and relies on team battles. It wi...

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Nov 17, 2021

Her actions take place 30 years before the events of Final Fantasy VII. Shinra Company creates an experimental corps "SOLDIER" with advanced soldiers. The main task of the player is to stay alive and raise his rank. Soldiers use cool technologies,...